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Princess Fox 03:50
Shelter 04:35
Essence 05:28
Synapse 04:22
Calm 04:43
Sightings 05:09
You 06:01
Oasis 06:11
Wolf 04:24
Hope 05:25


Martin aka Atreid and his space body Frontier Guards returns after a few years under the wings of the home label Aliens production and lands on our base. We are glad that we can present this concept and praise it for its specialty. Atreid, this time relies only on his handwriting, and he leaves his work only on himself without any cooperations. With its sound this concept returns to the point when under our label has resonated releases such as Predestination and Inteface. Hypnotic sounds are back again and with it exactly what the Frontier Guards are doing best. Combination of mystery of the atmospheric surfaces of film-based corners and industrial blocks. Melancholic waves due to the sound of the piano and the varied palette of melodies waves in ambient structures. The concept which is influenced by nature and the universe will get you from the opening minutes. The unique story and sound that has its own unique handwriting. Music that is mysterious and aligned at the same time. Crystalline sounds and melancholic lines pulsate during the whole work. Various moods and melodies swims in wombs of organic flows. Energetically melancholic and quality listening for the electronic community.

Mastered by: Anatoly TOKEE Grinberg
Music by: Martin Pavlik
Design by: Ish
Released by: Aliens production 2019

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CD release date is 25.04.2019 Strictly limited CD edition 100 copies in


released April 25, 2019


all rights reserved



aliensproduction Slovakia

Industrial sounds from underground.
Slovak dark electronics label since 1997.
dISHARMONY, Oxyd,Gaping chasm,Anima mundi, Headdreamer, Structural fault, Tabor radosti, Frontier guards, Ambiguous, Samhain,Liob, Anhedonia,Ish, TOD,Polygon, Seneptika,Recfrag,Xsodect, Eclipsed, Stairway Maze, MediaData, Nermi,Jash Teua,Morbid Fancy,Egoist, Human Vault, Triode,Nadragea, End-Tek,Deflect, Fractal,CSIBD.. ... more

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