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Human Cut

by Human Vault



After the destructive and orthodoxly cold debut Self Rust thiss
Hungarian-American musician has mixed a strong coffee of his previous modifications. Remix works and deformations for other projects, as well as interesting collaborations, were grouped under one roof, into which a lot of rust and dirt sometimes flow. Analog, machine, noisy but on other times minimalistically melodic. The songs are performed in hypnotic tones in which full of sick sounds and bass lines float. Disturbed vocals and noise areas. as only Mortum knows. Wild and psychedelic. Resonant andstrongly electronic. Again, a strong concept. Unique handwriting and great rinse in performance of Human vault.


01 Cold [Dead Cold]
[original music] Calm-T / Tamas Purczeld
[lyric,vocal,mixing] mortum
[remix] Human Vault / mortum

02 Blood Matrix [Dread]
[original music] Vvirtual Vviolence / Justin Holcomb
[remix] Human Vault / mortum

03 Dark World [Dead World]
[original music] Nova State Machine / Dima Ilyn and Craig L. Saunders
[remix] Human Vault / mortum

04 The Grid [HV Cut]
[original music] 3ND / misantropiX
[lyric,vocal,mixing and arrangement] mortum
[remix] Human Vault / mortum

05 Cold [Final Cut]
[original music] Calm-T / Tamas Purczeld
[lyric,vocal,mixing] mortum

06 Mission Entropy [Tek Cut]
[original music] 3ND / misantropiX
[mixing and arrangement] mortum
[remix] Human Vault / mortum

07 Suicide [HV Cut]
[original music] Dj Areal Kollen
[remix] Human Vault / mortum

08 The Grid [V1]
[original music] 3ND / misantropiX
[lyric,vocal,mixing and arrangement] mortum

09 Survived [Minimal Pain]
[original music] Die Slein / Dj Areal Kollen
[remix] Human Vault / mortum

10 All Must Be Gone [Willful Deception]
[original music] Human Vault / mortum
[remix] Willful Deception / Andras Csontos

11 Vampire [Individual Predator]
[original music] La Magra / Louis Cyphre
[remix] Human Vault / mortum

12 Astral Escape
[original music] FA4S / Istvan Gazdag
[lyric,vocal] mortum
[remix] Peter Buza

13 Death, Be Not Proud! [Tek Cut V2]
[original music] 3ND / misantropiX
[lyric,vocal,mixing and arrangement] mortum
[remix] End-Tek / mortum

All tracks are final mixed and mastered by: D-mon at Stone Studio, Brookyn, NYC.

All tracks presented here were recorded between June, 2017 and May 2021.

[Artwork, photography] by: Lilith

My deepest appreciation and thanks fly to: Lilith, Tamas Purczeld
[Calm-T], Peter Buza, Andras Csontos [Willful Deception], misantropiX [3ND], Dj Areal Kollen [Die Slein], Louis Cyphre [La Magra], Craig L. Saunders and Dima Ilyn [Nova State Machine], Justin Holcomb [Vvirtual Vviolence] and Peter Ryby of Aliens Production.

This album contains tracks deformed and dreadly modified by: Human Vault except track 10 which is a Willful Deception remix of an old Human Vault track as well as track 12 which was written by Peter Buza and vocalized by Mortum.

For physical CD release:



released June 22, 2021


all rights reserved



aliensproduction Slovakia

Industrial sounds from underground.
Slovak dark electronics label since 1997.
dISHARMONY, Oxyd,Gaping chasm,Anima mundi, Headdreamer, Structural fault, Tabor radosti, Frontier guards, Ambiguous, Samhain,Liob, Anhedonia,Ish, TOD,Polygon, Seneptika,Recfrag,Xsodect, Eclipsed, Stairway Maze, MediaData, Nermi,Jash Teua,Morbid Fancy,Egoist, Human Vault, Triode,Nadragea, End-Tek,Deflect, Fractal,CSIBD.. ... more

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