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Breaking moment

by Egoist

Product 06:09
Fallen 05:37
Equalization 05:34
Automate 04:41
W.H.A.T? 04:45
Remake 04:18
Wishlist 04:31
Dellusion 04:30


Another in edition of never released and nowhere officially published
appetizers in the electronic community. This project that has after
millenium camed also to our parts on a festival Apocalyptic visions was
founded in Poland, and its pratoganist already then had the same clean handwritting influenced by the Ebm projects that are by the listening of this work well known to everyone. Atmospheric Ebm where the influence of Canadian school is clear will absorb you from the beginning. Melodic lines, robotic vocals and speed tempos strikes like a hammer on the head. Solar panels tune the waves of energy into you and the bass lines rotate your listening device. This material is from older date, but stll very current, full of energy and great music. A complex of beats and catchy vocals served by the old school. Kuba and his view on the technological revolution. Even at that time cyberspace was filled with information dust and conspiracy theories.

Egoist is one man project exploring biomechanical electro industrialsonic spaces. Created in 2002 by Kuba Włodarski, coming from Łódź (currently residing in Kraków), a remixer, DJ and propagator of industrial grinds. Egoist sound is characterized by canonades of mechanical beats and heavy bass lines flirting constantly with a specific dance vibes imposed on the productions of Kuba. Cd edition including new bonus tracks. Ltd edition 100 copies digipack.

Music by: Kuba Włodarski 2004 - 2021
Design by: Tomek Malski
Photos by: Tomasz Kantyka www.instagram.com/my_heart.is.black
Mastered by: Anatoly TOKEE Grinberg
Released by: Aliens production 2021

CD Edition Tracklist:

01. Product
02. Fallen
03. Melting Point
04. Century of sorrow
05. Equalization
06. Automate
07. W.h.a.t.
08. Remake
09. Whislist
10. Dellusion
11. No! iam not!
12. Assassin
13. Phantoms

For physical CD go here:

Special 2CD bundle:


released May 15, 2020


all rights reserved



aliensproduction Slovakia

Industrial sounds from underground.
Slovak dark electronics label since 1997.
dISHARMONY, Oxyd,Gaping chasm,Anima mundi, Headdreamer, Structural fault, Tabor radosti, Frontier guards, Ambiguous, Samhain,Liob, Anhedonia,Ish, TOD,Polygon, Seneptika,Recfrag,Xsodect, Eclipsed, Stairway Maze, MediaData, Nermi,Jash Teua,Morbid Fancy,Egoist, Human Vault, Triode,Nadragea, End-Tek,Deflect, Fractal,CSIBD.. ... more

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